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You are not dangerous when you walk in a gift, you are dangerous when you are madly in love with Jesus

Werner Strydom

Our story is simple, and our mission is clear. We are a revival ministry with a heart to reach the lost and revive the saved.


As believers, it is our responsibility to share Jesus’ light in the dark places of the world. We are called to not just believe in Christ, but to be disciples and share the good news with others. We have a few ways in which we aim to be the hands and feet of Jesus. During Local Crusades, we go into underprivileged communities to bring the good news of Jesus. We’ve seen some miraculous healing, radical deliverance, and thousands of people experiencing the fierce love of Father. We also aim to feed the community spiritually and physically with our feeding schemed, and uplift the community by building meaningful relationships and showing them a piece of the Father’s heart.


We believe that we were created for revival and called to demolish legalism. Our heart is to see the nations set on FIRE for Jesus! We long to see generations run after Him wholeheartedly, embracing His powerful love. We hope to play our part in the revival of the Church by visiting churches, schools, campuses, rehab centers, and camps



As a ministry, our mission is to see people encounter the transformative power of the Holy Spirit and get delivered and healed by the mighty name of Jesus. We aim to light a Jesus fire in the heart of every person we encounter and to tear down legalism as we go. Every member of our team encountered the love of the Father in a unique and miraculous way, and we believe that He has a special encounter planned for every son and daughter. We aim to be his hands and feet here on earth, sharing the good news of a loving Father, an almighty Son, and Holy Spirit. Nothing the world has to offer can even begin to compare with the beauty of His glory, and our goal is to share this love with all the nations.

So, what exactly is it that we do?

We are called to fulfill the great commission by leading people to Jesus. We have a two-fold action plan through which we aim to answer the call: Reach the Lost and Revive the Saved. 


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“The benefits of reaping the harvest are not only for the workers who go 
but also for the workers who pray and sow”. King David recognised that the ones
who guarded the supplies receive an equal blessing with those who went to battle.

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